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We are Celebration Of Life Specialists – for those who choose to celebrate the life of a loved one lost.


Making special moments into a lifetime of memories

Ali Fleming from Harmony Glass is delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside Lynsey at After. Life Arrangements.

Here is an introduction to Ali and about her brand-new business.

“The Harmony glass experience”

It is at this poignant time when we are moving towards recognising National Grief Awareness Week  from 2nd December to 10th December 2020  which is about raising awareness of all aspects of grief and loss on a national scale.

Everyone will experience grief at the loss of a loved one some time in their lives .

20 years ago, I took on the role of Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages. The legalities around registering a death in the UK  is that it has to be done within 5 days of the death occurring… That fact brings with it a lot of people who are experiencing the very early first signs of grief and having to face the first steps of the reality of that event.

 I made the presumption early on in my role, that I would be faced with people constantly needing the use of the box of tissues permanently on my desk .

 My learning curve, throughout my 15 years of registration was steep, not only about the liaising with the funeral directors, the coroners officers, the bereavement services, other registration offices, but the learning knowledge of how people actually dealt with the early stages of grief, with people being at their most vulnerable.  

 This extension of life skills stood me in good stead to move into becoming a celebrant – writing and delivering ceremonies that encompassed all lifetime events, including funeral services .

As a funeral celebrant, I work alongside families to write and deliver services that tell the story of the person’s life.  In all of my ceremonies, I am always looking for new ideas that involve interaction with loved ones and guests creating the strongest memories for such a momentous occasion .

During the recent COVID lockdown I had the opportunity to bring an idea into fruition that I had been working on for a couple of years.

 Working with a very talented local glassmaker, I initially had 5 key pieces of different glass art designed and made uniquely for Harmony, and further along, a further number of smaller items to add to the collection .” The Harmony glass experience “ was born.

What is The Harmony glass experience? 

Choosing one of the shapes, the family are able to make a choice from 22 different colours, the combination they would like their piece of finished glass to be made in,

In a funeral service, members of the deceased’s family are invited to come together and pour their own individual chosen colours, which relate to tiny glass crystals, which are poured individually and together into a glass receptacle, where the colours blend together, alongside the memories of that time together .

After the service, if ashes are available then the family can choose to blend the rainbow of colours with the ashes, and be sent to my glass blower where they are delicately transformed   into the chosen piece of glass art.

 If there are different members that would like to have a different shape made using the same blend and same ashes, then this is also possible.

The piece/pieces are then delivered  to the chosen recipients’ address

If you already have a loved ones ashes and you are interested in finding out more information of how you are able to encapsulate your memories into a piece of bespoke Harmony Glass art, then please go to her  website at or contact her on  or 07961 668996

If you would like to find out more information about this experience, then please go to  or contact Ali on

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