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How making your Celebration of Life wishes clear helps your loved ones

Have you thought about what your plans might be when it comes to your own funeral or cremation? And have you made them clear to your nearest and dearest? When I speak with clients who have lost a loved one, it is clear that a lot of the time, the subject of death and funerals is a bit of a taboo.

In a lot of these cases, relatives choose to use Cheshire funeral directors and go down the traditional funeral route. With all the decisions to make for a funeral, they may choose a service in an unfamiliar church or crematorium. Because it is the ‘norm’, people aren’t aware that there are alternative funeral services and you do have a choice.

Make your last wishes clear

If you want to have a say in how your next of kin give you a send off, then you can discuss and set out your hopes for your own Celebration of Life.  This can be particularly helpful for mourning relatives as they feel less pressure to give your story a happy ending – you’ve already planned it for them. And if they work with people like us, Celebration of Life specialists, we can take the worry, stress and strains out of organising such an event.

If you’d like to write down your wishes, a good place to start is our printable download – it’s a place to write your initial thoughts. Click here to download.

My Celebration of Life plans

I’m Lynsey and I set up After. Life Arrangements – I thought you might like to know a little bit about my wishes for when I pass away. I don’t want my family wondering and worrying what to do instead of a funeral. I have decided that I will donate my body to medical research.

Alternative to scattering ashes

I have explained to my family what I would like to happen with my ashes. As it will be some time before the research is complete and my body is cremated, it will be a while before my ashes are retuned to my next of kin. When they do receive my ashes, I would like them to be interred in a meadow in a bio urn. This is a fully biodegradable urn designed to convert your ashes into a tree after life.  The rest of my family can also be interred with my ashes in the same plot, or their ashes sprinkled under the tree once it’s grown. 

A time to come together and celebrate

I would like them to have a celebration at my favourite pub, eating amazing food and listening to my favourite acoustic music. It will be between six and twelve months after I have passed before this takes place. I’d like to think that, as time has passed, my family can only remember the good times and there will be no memory of any sad times. Choosing no funeral and having a Celebration of Life means that they won’t need to see my body, attend a funeral or make any difficult decisions as I have everything planned.

The loss of a loved one is heart breaking, stressful and worrying. Taking an opportunity to discuss your thoughts and plans with your next of kin is something we can all do.

What are your ideas for a celebration of life? What would you like to do to make it special?

We’d love to know – so comment below or send us a message with your ideas.

We hope this blog inspires you to have those conversations, so that when the time comes, your nearest and dearest will understand what your wishes are.

We’d be honoured to help you with your Celebration of Life plans. Please call us on 01260 224371 or contact us here.


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