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How a Celebration of Life can be the perfect send off

How a Celebration of Life can be the perfect send off

How do you plan the perfect farewell when it comes to the loss of a loved one? As a nation, we’re accustomed to planning a traditional funeral in an unfamiliar church or crematorium, a service filled with hymns, flower arrangements and a procession of cars.

We’re also familiar with a gathering afterwards at a local venue to chat about the loved one we’ve lost and reflect on their life. The traditional funeral is an opportunity for family, friends and colleagues to say goodbye and pay their respects.

However, a church service and formal gathering might not be how you want to share memories of your loved one.  A traditional funeral is not the only option and you do have a choice when saying goodbye. 

In a break from tradition, there is something alternative and more modern – a Celebration of Life. An opportunity to give their story a happy ending.

But if you’re not familiar with a Celebration of Life, then you might want to know what is involved. At After. Life Arrangements, we are specialists at bringing people together to Celebrate the Life of a loved one. 

What is a Celebration of Life?

What is a Celebration of Life?

A Celebration of Life is unique and is designed to enhance the memories and joys of the life, not the loss.

It could be a small gathering with the closest relatives, or a large scale get together of family, friends and colleagues. A chance to focus on the person, celebrate the individual, their achievements and their life.

Many people find Celebrations of Life to be less intense and far easier to cope with when compared to a traditional funeral.

A unique process

A Celebration of Life is a unique process

We build a relationship with you, get to know you well and give you a say in how you say goodbye to a loved one.  It is about having the opportunity to share the memories and the love you have for that person.

We don’t find out all about your loved one, and then sweep their memories under the carpet by flicking through a brochure to help you pick a package that suits your needs and budget.

When should a Celebration of Life take place?

As this is a unique process to you, there is no set timeframe for a Celebration of Life to take place. You can choose for it to go ahead when you are ready and when the time is right.  It is something that you possibly don’t want to rush. You may want to make sure certain friends and relatives can be there. Or you may feel that it is something you’d like to do sooner rather than later.  It is entirely your choice.

Work with you

Work with you to plan a Celebration of Life

We want our clients to know that they are not alone and support them and work in partnership throughout the process. We learn everything we can about that person who has passed away in order to create a fitting tribute they deserve.

It’s about putting a focus on the good times, the memories and building something magical from there.

We hope this blog has helped you to understand a little more about a Celebration of Life and would be honoured to help you give a loved one’s story a happy ending.

If you would like to find out more, then please call us on 01260 224371 or contact us here.

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