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We are Celebration Of Life Specialists – for those who choose to celebrate the life of a loved one lost.

Helping you to understand a Celebration of Life

Helping you to understand a Celebration of Life

A friend of mine was talking to her Mum recently about what we do. As a forty-something, my friend is very open to a Celebration of Life and has been talking to her family about what she’d like to happen in the event of her death. It’s great to know that the taboo of ‘death and dying’ is starting to erode.

But her Mum on the other hand, found it hard to get her head around a Celebration of Life. She felt that a traditional funeral or cremation service is the last thing you can do as a mark of respect for a person. This is a traditional view and one that we very much respect.

A modern alternative

A modern alternative

If you are open to considering a more modern alternative, then you might want to know a little bit more about a Celebration of Life.  These are about spending time with family, friends and colleagues, sharing memories and the joy of the life. They aren’t about the sadness that traditionally goes hand in hand with a funeral in a church or crematorium service.

The question people don’t like to ask

The question people don’t like to ask

But a question people want to ask, but aren’t sure how to ask is, if there is no funeral or cremation service then what happens to the remains?

We work with Pure Cremations who organise a direct cremation. “A direct cremation – what’s that?” I hear you ask.

A direct cremation takes place completely separately from the Celebration of Life. This service is carried out in the same way as a standard cremation, except there is no service at the crematorium and usually without mourners present.

There is no need to worry about paperwork – we help you to complete it and a date for the cremation is set. We also organise how and when you would like the remains returned to yourself. They can be stored in our safe facility until that point.

Create a personal farewell

Create a personal farewell

And with the cremation taken care of, we can spend some time getting to know you and find out all about your loved one. We use this information to create a unique and perfect send off for them in the form of a Celebration of Life.

There isn’t a set time frame for when a Celebration of Life can be held. It should be when you feel the time is right. It can be in a venue that would suit their personality, whether it’s a small gathering at the local pub or a large reception in a grand hall.

The important thing about a Celebration of Life is that you remember the wonderful, special person, put a focus on the good times and the memories.

I hope this blog has helped you to understand a little bit more about what we do.

We would be honoured to help you to create a Celebration of Life, so please get in touch if you would like to know more.

And if you have any questions, please drop them in the comments below and we will answer them for you.

Lynsey x

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