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We are Celebration Of Life Specialists – for those who choose to celebrate the life of a loved one lost.

Ways to Celebrate Life after COVID-19

Give their story a happy ending

Have you said goodbye to a loved one recently? During these unprecedented times, Cheshire funeral directors have been working hard to make the process as easy as possible for those who are grieving. But there’s a feeling that something is missing from these alternative funeral services that have taken place across the county.

However, you can still give loved ones the send off they deserve. A church or cremation service might not be how you want to share memories of your loved one.  A traditional funeral is not the only option and you do have a choice when saying goodbye. 

In a break from tradition, there is an alternative and something more modern – a Celebration of Life. An opportunity to give their story a happy ending.

In fact, many have said that they intend to Celebrate the Life of a loved one. But planning a celebration of life may still be too much for those who are in mourning.

Support to Celebrate the life of your loved one

Support to Celebrate the life of your loved one (1)

We’re here to help support you with the process. Let us alleviate worry and stress to create something that will share the memories and the love you have for that person. We build a relationship with you, get to know you well and give you a say in how you say goodbye to a loved one.

What to do instead of a funeral?

What to do instead of a funeral_

So what does a Celebration of Life look like? Well choosing no funeral doesn’t necessarily mean having a party instead of a funeral. A Celebration of Life can be anything you want it to be.  It is unique and is designed to enhance the memories and joys of the life, not the loss.

And when should it take place? There is no set timeframe for a Celebration of Life to take place. You can choose for it to go ahead when you are ready and when the time is right. 

Where can a Celebration of Life be held?

Where can a Celebration of Life be held?

It can be held wherever you feel is appropriate to give that person’s story a happy ending.

As an example, this is a story about an intimate afternoon tea.  The lady who had passed away was very much involved in village life and was a well known volunteer. She would regularly have friends round to her garden and they would sit and drink tea.  To honour her memory, we supported the family by organising a marquee in her much loved garden. We held her Celebration of Life later in the afternoon, with fairy lights around, there was her favourite music playing, and each person was given a seedling for them to grow a new life.

But as an alternative, a Celebration of Life can be held at a public place.  A client wanted to organise a fitting tribute to their dare devil relative. They loved go karting, sky diving and mountain biking. So his relatives and friends held his Celebration of life in his local pub. There were videos playing of his activities and they enjoyed a hog roast. His friends were there all day, laughing and remembering the crazy things he did.

FOCus on the good times

These are just a couple of examples of how people have chosen to celebrate the lives of their loved ones.  They are about putting a focus on the good times, the memories and building something magical from there.

We hope this blog has helped you to understand a little more about a Celebration of Life and maybe inspired you to think about how you can remember a loved one.

We would be honoured to help you give a loved one’s story a happy ending.

If you would like to find out more, then please call us on 01260 224371 or contact us here.

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