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We are Celebration Of Life Specialists – for those who choose to celebrate the life of a loved one lost.


I love a good winter walk, and fortunately, so do the kids and the dogs! In winter, there’s so much to enjoy – the bright sunshine in the sky, crunchy frosty paths and burning off some of those Christmas calories. It’s especially enjoyable when you wrap up warm in thick socks, wellies, gloves, scarves and hats. And that feeling when you get home all cosy with rosy cheeks all round!

Ali Fleming from Harmony Glass is delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside Lynsey at After. Life Arrangements. Here is an introduction to Ali and about her brand-new business. “The Harmony glass experience" It is at this poignant time when we are moving towards recognising National Grief Awareness Week  from 2nd December to 10th December 2020  which is about raising awareness of all aspects of grief and loss on a national scale. Everyone will experience grief

Christmas-time. Traditionally a joyous occasion. Presents under a sparkly tree, mince pies, festive songs on the radio and family gatherings…but things may be a little different this year. Yes, Christmas is  fabulously festive, but for some this year, it will be more solemn than usual. Apart from possible COVID restrictions we may face, many will be remembering loved ones they’ve said goodbye to throughout the year. Perhaps they haven’t been able to give

It will come as little surprise to you that I love a good celebration. And at this time of year, there is so much enjoyment to look forward to – with bonfire night and Christmas on the horizon. But before those festivities begin, it is Halloween and Day of the Dead. And although the little ones are fans of Halloween in our household, with the mischief, costumes (and sweets of

Does funeral planning and the cost which goes with it make you feel anxious? Perhaps it’s never crossed your mind. Or maybe it’s something you’ve had to deal with when you have lost someone close to you. I wish I could say that traditional funerals aren’t a big expense, but unfortunately that isn’t always the case. Now more than ever, families who have lost a loved one that choose a traditional

I don’t know about you, but until I began working in the funeral industry, I didn’t realise how many options there are for ashes after a cremation. To begin with, I would suggest the traditional way of scattering in a crematorium’s garden or burying them in a cemetery or churchyard. And whilst this is perfect for some, others may be looking for something a little bit unusual or another way

Are you the type of person who likes to plan ahead? One of those that feels happy and satisfied when plans are organised? Or perhaps you prefer to leave things until the last minute and act on impulse. It’s funny isn’t it, how we fall in to one type or the other? Whichever you are, things happen throughout life which make you think about what you’d like to happen when

It’s Summertime. And I think we all hoped by now that talk of lockdowns, social distancing and viruses would be behind us. And you may have planned to get together with family and friends to celebrate the life of a loved one that you’ve lost during these unprecedented times. Because although you’ve probably used Cheshire funeral directors for a traditional funeral, you may still be planning a different funeral choice

A traditional funeral. Hymn singing. Prayers in an unfamiliar church. Followed by a burial or cremation nearby? Or… a Celebration of Life, in a place your loved one enjoyed, focussing on the good times, the memories and the joy you shared? Because you see, although the passing of a relative or friend is a very sad time, celebrating a life is a chance to focus on the person, celebrate the