After. Life Arrangements

We are Celebration Of Life Specialists – for those who choose to celebrate the life of a loved one lost.


About Me

I’m Lynsey, the face behind After. Life Arrangements.

I’m from Cheshire, I’ve lived in and around Congleton all my life. I love nothing more than spending time with my family & friends. When I’m not enjoying family time, I’m looking after our pet ducks and our little dog too. I enjoy our wonderful countryside, I am a keen walker and appreciate our beautiful local scenery, photographing the more interesting sights along the way.

And the other times?

Working on celebrating lives at After. Life Arrangements.

Bringing people together to celebrate the life of a loved one… Giving their story a happy ending.

And I am honoured to help my clients with alternative funeral arrangements.

About the Industry

With tradition losing popularity and the cost of funerals on the rise yearly, the expense of the average funeral is estimated at £3,529. Often people struggle to pay such sums and many do not want the antiquated, traditional funeral in any case.

At After. Life Arrangements, we see the need for a respectful, more modern alternative. By cutting out the cost of The Funeral Directors fees, we endeavour to simplify the process, cutting costs dramatically and concentrating on the Celebration of Life of the person.

What is a Celebration of Life?

The difference between a funeral and a Celebration of Life is the presence of the deceased. At the Celebration Of Life we concentrate on and enhance the memories and joys of the life, not the loss.

A Celebration of Life enables our clients to focus on the person, celebrating the individual, their achievements and their life. Not only is this beneficial financially, many people find Celebrations of Life to be less intense and far easier to cope with when compared to a traditional funeral.

The Process

When a loved one passes away, the next of kin or near relative will make contact with After. Life Arrangements. We can arrange a simple and dignified cremation at a low cost, without the need to arrange a full funeral service.

This would include a scheduled transfer from hospital or Coroner’s mortuary in England, Doctors’ fees for cremation certificates (if applicable), Cremation fees for a simple unattended committal and a solid pine eco-coffin. The process requires no involvement from the client at this stage, except for completion of paperwork in the form of a relevant contract, granting After. Life Arrangements complete responsibility for care and arrangements.

During this time we will help our client to choose the arrangements for the Celebration of Life which we will organise in line with their wishes. Our experienced team will work closely with our clients to learn everything about the person who has passed, providing them with suitable options for their budget, support, guidance and look to build a professional relationship to give the ultimate service. The ashes will be back in our care within 21 days. We will already have liaised with the client on final arrangements such as a suitable urn, final resting place or scattering options.

Our aim at After. Life Arrangements is to provide a complete, modern, eco friendly, bespoke service to our clients to ease the burden of, what can be, a distressing time.